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About Paints Flights


Paint Flights is an art-centered company owned by artist and teacher Tracy DelValle. It was created as a response to an obvious interest in communities to experience the healing power of creation.  The name Paint Flights was chosen initially as a play on the popular "paint nights", where friends would enjoy a night of adult beverages while taking a paint class. Paint Flights takes that experience to another level and this is depicted in our logo.  Just like one would take a flight for vacation, Paint Flights also suggests an escape, or a flight from ordinary life through creation. Paint Flights also calls to mind sampling a flight of drinks to discover something new!


Paint Flights provides creative experiences to our community by hosting group and private art lessons that focus on consciously creating, and the healing aspects of art-making.


Our vision is to enhance the quality of our participants' lives by exposure to the arts, and by making art more accessible.  We aim to grow an art community which uses art to develop an appreciation of the environment around us, and to effectively manage the stress of everyday life.


About Tracy 

Tracy DelValle is an award-winning artist from Buffalo, NY.   Encouraged by her family, Tracy started drawing and painting at a very young age.  She paints primarily in oils using an alla prima, or wet-on-wet technique.  Her subject matter is inspired by the beauty of nature.  She uses animals and landscapes as an expression of emotions, and to document formative memories. 

She has Bachelor degrees in Art Education and Fine Arts with a concentration in painting, and a Masters degree in Museum Studies and Education.  In addition to art she enjoys reading and yoga.  She also teaches therapeutic art classes.  She believes art is a wonderful way to grow spiritually, to explore the human experience, and to deepen one's connection with the ultimate Creator.

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